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Date What you may have missed
29-31/Aug/2014 Didmarton Bluegrass Festival
2/Aug/2014 Helions Bumpstead Village Hall
11/Jul/2012 - 13/Jul/2014 Athy Bluegrass festival
6/Jul/20 Maverick festival
Maverick Festival '11. Photo:Hazel Smith
28/Jun/2014 Musically Monstrous, Three Horseshoes, Towersey OX9 3QY
6-8/Jun/2014 Coastline Bluegrass Music Event

A very nice experience with a great sound system at the Royal International Pavilion in Llangollen.

9-11/May/2014 The Orwell Bluegrass festival

Once again, thanks to Chris for inviting us to this great festival. Each year I warn Terry about the perils of drinking the scrumpy, and each year he ignores me.

2/Feb/2014 The Townhouse pub, Ely

A new venue for us (though Marc has played here in the past wearing his Rock hat), and as local a gig as we get. We played a couple of sets starting around 3:15 ish and ending 5:30 ish.
12/Oct/2013 The Bluegrass Plus Club
Hillcrest Halls, Fryston Road, Coulsdon, Surrey CR5 2PT

It was almost exactly 3 years since the last time we played here, and a chance for us to reaquaint ourselves with the fish and chip shop at the end of the road. Although Paul Brewer is famous for his detailed knowledge of Bluegrass, he is also an authority on chip shops near to bluegrass venues...

29/Aug - 1/Sep/2013 Didmarton Bluegrass Festival

We always look forward to meeting up with all our old (and not so old) mates at Didmarton, the beer, the music, the atmosphere, the beer, the bands, the beer...

24/Aug/2013 Felixstowe Ferry Sailing Club

We played as part of a FOLK AND ROOTS WEEKEND at Felixstowe Ferry Sailing Club. The organiser is a lovely 'cellist (in every sense) and allowed Terry to play her beautiful 'cello. Terry was so enamoured that he has acquired one for himself and is learning to play.

3/Aug/2013 Helions Bumpstead Village Hall

This turned out to be a busier day than we had expected as we spent the afternoon playing with Ray Duffy for a company event (Breheny fiftieth anniversay) on the National Trust site at Ickworth near Bury St Edmonds. There was quite a wind, leading to us replacing our normal hats with Breheny hard hats...

NEBB at Breheny 50th Anniversary

Then a 30 minute drive down the A143 to picturesque Helions Bumpstead, which must hold the record for not only one of the best village names in the country, but also for the longest distance from the village sign to the actual village. We were playing for the village Folk Festival in a concert with Ed Goldsmith who began the evening with a banjo recital which spanned a wide musical range from bluegrass to Bach. We really enjoyed playing our set to a very receptive and attentive audience; many thanks to the organisers for the invitation.

27/Jul/2013 Little Opry, Margate

NEBB Sells Out Theatre!

This is not quite such a dramatic headline as it appears once you know that the Tom Thumb theatre, Margate, is the smallest operational theatre in the UK, with a seated capacity of 50. It is well worth a visit and the club run by Lesley, George and Alison is most welcoming and has a great atmosphere. It also has a great sound system and a lovely accoustic, making playing there a pleasure.

4-7/Jul/2013 North Wales Bluegrass Festival

We always enjoy a trip to Conwy (which is a beautiful, walled city, well worth a visit even if there were no bluegrass festival to entice you) with excellent fish and chip shops (as we can firmly attest). It also features a really excellent Bluegrass Festival with concerts in the Civic Hall (which has been under threat of redevelopment for as long as I can remember) and on the site in the Marquee.

10-12/May/2013 The Orwell Bluegrass festival

It is always a pleasure to play at Orwell; this festival has one of the nicest camping areas you will find, great bar, plenty of opportunities to get your band seen on open mic spots plus all your favourite acts on the main stage. And it's really close to home (at least it is for us).

This year we were playing on the Saturday night and ran the ever-popular Sunday morning Gospel session. Thanks to everyone who came and made it such an enjoyable occasion. Paul and Ruth Alexander performed as 'Blue Sky' on the main stage on Saturday afternoon.

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